JICA reflects on $480 million of support provided to TL over the previous 20 years

JICA reflects on $480 million of support provided to TL over the previous 20 years

Jica head Representative to Timor-Leste Ko Goto (Image Tatoli/Jogerjo Guterres)

DILI, 29 July 2020 (TATOLI) – Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has supported Timor-Leste for 20 years, spending a total of $480 million in the three key areas. JICA has focused on Development, Infrastructure and Social economics.

“Within the 20 years of our presence in Timor-Leste, which started in 1999  almost $480 million of financial support has been provided to improve the development of the economy in Timor-Leste,” Jica head Representative to Timor-Leste Ko Goto told Tatoli in his office.

JICA supports the National Development Strategic Plan (NDSP), which aims at the development of sustainability, stability, property and human security in south-east Asia.

“Currently we are supporting ten infrastructure developments which include, Dili Port and Hera University Environment, roads and irrigation all totalling $300.000,” he said.

Ko Goto recognised that this support would have not only an impact on the Government but also its people in Timor-Leste.

JICA alongside the Timor-Leste Government wants to focus on the Agriculture and fishery sectors.

“in the agriculture sector we are now implementing technical cooperation with farmers, predominantly producers of local rice with the propose to improve and promote not only for production but also for economic value,” he said.

He added during the COVID-19 period, JICA is focusing on the health sector, and children’s issues, including food security and work protection.

The Japanese Government has set the three priorities for JICA, which are to support the development and improvement of infrastructure and socio-economic issues such as industry diversification in order not to depend more to the oil and gas.

JICA helps Timor-Leste’s efforts in the development of agriculture and fishery industry by providing the support to develop human resources and to offer social work that benefits every individual in the Nation.

JICA’s three priority sectors for development are travelling along excellently. The infrastructure sector has seen them assist with the relocation of Dili Port, the construction of Comoro Bridge III as well as the development capacity of UNTL Science and Technology Engineering department.

The Second priority sector being industrial diversification had them supporting the project of increasing the agriculture household’s income through the reinforcement of domestic rice production.

JICA provided advisory for an industrial development project for the management of natural sustainability resources and political support and action combat the illegal fishing.

The third sector Priority, JICA, provided advocacy for the infrastructure evaluation project, rehabilitation and improvement to the clean water supply, increased capacity for community policy and increased capacity for human resources for the political elaboration.

Journalist: Florêncio Miranda Ximenes

Editors: Julia Chatarina/Nick Kettle

Translation: Nelia Borges


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