137 Chinese Citizens arrive in Timor-Leste

137 Chinese Citizens arrive in Timor-Leste

Air Asia (Image/special)

DILI, 18 August 2020 (TATOLI)– the president of Timor-Leste’s Civil Aviation Authority (AACTL) Ana Rosália Ximenes Varela, said today that 137 Chinese Citizens are landing in Timor-Leste.

“They arrived from China with Air Asia on a flight approved by AACTL,” the AACTL president told Tatoli via phone.

According to her, a majority of these Chinese citizens are workers from the private and public constructions sectors.

“Coming today, are the workers who are working on the construction of roads, bridges, port and the construction of Pelican Paradise, As well as some technical people from some institutions,” she said.

On the other hand, the president of Timor-Leste Aero Navigation (ANATL), Romualdo da Silva, said, the flight will reach Dili International Airport at 16:00.

He said these 137 people departed from TL to China during the global pandemic.

“They, of course, will comply with the 14 days of mandatory quarantine, as is the instruction from the Ministry of Health,” he said.

Yesterday there were 83 Chinese arriving in Dili International Airport from China with the Air Asia flight.

Journalist: Natalino Costa

Editor: Julia Chatarina/Nick Kettle

Translation: Nelia Borges


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