Timor-Leste: The Commissioning and Distribution of 16 ambulances

Timor-Leste: The Commissioning and Distribution of 16 ambulances

Ministry of Health distributes 16 ambulances to 12 municipalities (Image Tatoli/Felicidade Ximenes)

DILI, August 25, 2020 (TATOLI) – The commissioning and distribution of 16 ambulances to 12 municipalities as part of efforts to improve healthcare delivery in Timor-Leste took place on 25 of August.

Ms. Odete Maria Freitas Belo, the Minister of Health, who announced this during the interview at the Ministry of Health Office Caicoli on Tuesday said, these 16 ambulances will distribute to 12 municipalities while Baucau, Ermera and Lautem municipalities will each receive two ambulances, and the other municipalities will have one each.

“the reason these three municipalities are receiving two ambulances because, it has to be based on the density of population  from each municipalities,” she said.

According to Ms. Belo, these ambulances have costs around US $ 800,000.

The Director of Services from Manufahi district, Florência Cortereal Tilman, recalled that, on 2019, he had received a multifunction ambulance to help improve healthcare delivery in Same.

“The ambulance is able to transport patients from Same to Maubisse and also to the Guido Valadares National Hospital” he said.

It is also recalled that the Deputy of Health Minister, Mr. Bonifácio Maucoli dos Reis, had previously revealed that these ambulances would be distributed to each municipality and also includes enclave Oé-Cusse.

“These ambulances will not only serve to fight against the new coronavirus in the country, but will also be used in the long term.”, Mr.Maucoli said.

The fund for acquisition is coming from the Covid-19 Fund, which was allocated to the Ministry of Health with the amount of more than 58 million dollars.

Journalist: Nelia Fernandes

 Publisher: Maria Auxiliadora/Nick Kettle


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