A person set to receive U$25 Voucher as part of COVID19 relief

A person set to receive U$25 Voucher as part of COVID19 relief

Coordinator Minister for Economic Affairs, Joaquim Amáral (Image/MKAE)

DILLI, September 1, 2020 (TATOLI) – The Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs (MCAE), Joaquim Amaral, revealed that the Government will assign “basic staple food” vouchers valued at the amount of $25 U.S.

“The maximum amount of [purchase voucher] is 25 U.S. dollars. But If certain people who receive it feels they do not require this, they can deliver the voucher to others who needed the most”, Mr.Amaral said.

According to him, the “basic staple basket”, aims to buy the products from the national economic market.

“We will help agricultural producers to produce, this will guarantee a greater number of buyers. The economic recovery program will buy food in the local and national market in order to help traders, at the same time, assist those who produce the products”, he said.

The minister had previously revealed that the Commission for Economic Recovery Plan proposed that the Government allocate an amount of US$71.5 million to a “basic staple foods” which will be provided to the entire Timorese population.

This measure aims to support families in meeting basic needs, combating hunger and major vulnerabilities, and helping local farmers, producers, and traders.

The support which can be purchased with the voucher will compose of food, hygiene and cleaning with a preference on national products or items purchased in the local market.

The Government will begin implementing the first phase of short-term economic measures from July to December as a response to the economic crisis causes by covid-19.

Journalist: Nelia Fernandes

Editor: Maria Auxiliadora/Nick Kettle


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