MTTI advise UNARCO to prepare the products for basic staple food

MTTI advise UNARCO to prepare the products for basic staple food

Minister of Tourism Trades and Industry José Lucas do Carmo meeting the UNARCO group at his office MTTI, Dili (Image/Media-MTTI)

DILI, 07 September 2020 (TATOLI)- The Minister of Tourism Trades and Industry José Lucas do Carmo, meet the group from United farmer Cova lima (UNARCO) to overhear their concern and advise to prepare the agriculture products for the “basic staple foods”.

“I meet the group to notify them about the government’s short term planning on implementing the basic staple foods, the program is necessary to all Timorese, they should identify all local products with a large quantities to responds to the government needs of this program, “ Minister José Lucas told Tatoli, at his office, Bebora Dili.

The group is agreed to work with the Government identifying and provides the products.

“Basic staple foods, are to distribute to all territories, thus the government is expecting the local products with large quantities from the local producers,” Mr. Carmo said.

He added, the government need the revise list of all local products from the farmers who participate in the distribution of local production.

“I also advise the group to have a technical discussion with Director-General to preserve variety of product with large quantity because basic staple foods will be shared to all Timorese population, in all teritories” he said.

This program is to help the country responds to economic recovery, and the government has discussed this with the relevant ministries.

“I see the farmers are very excited to help, but now depends on products varieties and also the quantities, how they take in to a discuss with the Directors to focus on technical issue for this program,” he said.

UNARCO willing to Cooperate with the Government

UNARCO President, João  Gusmão, said the group is pleased to cooperate with the government to supply the food  for the “basic staple” program.

“I think the quantities of our rice, corn and green beans products are enough to contribute for basic staple foods” Mr. Gusmão said.

The UNARCO group will meet to share the information

“there are 67 farmers of UNARCO in Covalima at Zumalai, Tilomar and Salele, these are the potential zones of good local production,” he said.

While the products of Onion and garlic are mostly found in Fatumea, Fatululik and Maukatar zones.

“yet the agricultures are not motivated as the results of no merchandise and has becomes as difficult thing for them, but we assure that with the sharing of information, they will help responds to the needs of the government,” he said.

For the short term, result of the measure is to mitigate the economic and social impact caused by COVID-19, government will set four measures with the used of US$ 113.4 million budget as a view to preserving the jobs existing before the crisis, recovering the income of families over the improvement of the direct market and companies also to normalizing the economic activities.

The four measures focus on the essential recovery of goods and production, which will allow the normalization of business activities and will incidentally support more tourism and the informally depositors.

The first measure consists of the preparation of the “basic staple food” for families, which will be implemented on November and December, with a total cost of US $ 71.5 million bill, aims to support the basic needs for the households specially for the most vulnerable families and support local producers and traders.

The Support will be provided based on the number of the family, the basic staple will contain foods and hygiene products, with preference being given to national products in the local market.

Journalist: Natalino Costa

Editor: Julia Chatarina/ Nick Kettle


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