A 65 of PNTL Commander Completed the training investigation

A 65 of PNTL Commander Completed the training investigation

Commander-General of PNTL,, Commissary Faustino da Costa distribute the Certificate to the 65 PNTL Municipalities Commanders (Image/PNTL media)

Dili, 08 September 2020 (TATOLI)-Timor-Leste Commander of National Police, continued to provide training investigation to PNTL members and commanders.

65 PNTL commander have completed their course of investigations at the police training centre.

The training is the result of cooperation between the Police training centre and the Development program of Timor-Leste Police (DPTLP) that offer the quality of work, availability, accessibility and acceptable, for all the member of the police and all the commanders to do investigations and collect the data with the quality and trust.

Commander-General of PNTL, Commissary Faustino da Costa, asked the 65 commanders who participated in the training to continue to implement their newly received knowledge to other members of the police.

Mr.Da Costa congratulated the CFP and all the team involved, including the partners at TLPDP for the support for the course.

The third period of investigation training involved 20 participants in a room held over three weeks.

The commander from the police training centre, Superintendent. Arquimino Ramos, said the 65 commanders had completed their investigation course during one week.

“The entire knowledge you have received, you need to get actual practice in the field, especially for investigation cases, there are needs,” he said.

Mr Ramos added the majority of them had knowledge before attending the training, and already have had many experiences. There were some new people, and this was an opportunity where they could share their experiences.

He said the PTC is planning on conducting a three-day seminar and inviting all the municipal commanders to see the issue about criminal investigation, for the PNTL to have only one concept thus the operation and the policy will follow the code of disciplinary process of timor leste.

Jornalista : Eugénio Pereira

Editór : Francisco Simões/Nick Kettle

Translation: Nelia Borges


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