Timor-Leste destroyed 160 tonnes of basic illicitly materials a largest quantity among the ASEAN Region

Timor-Leste destroyed 160 tonnes of basic illicitly materials a largest quantity among the ASEAN Region

160 tonnes of illicitly drugs were destroyed by the POLICE, in Liquica Municipality (Image Tatoli/Eugenio Perreira)

LOES, 10 September 2020 (TATOLI)– Timor-Leste has destroyed 160 tons of Basic ingredients of illicit drugs, which is considered the largest quantity of materials in the ASEAN region.

The destruction of the drugs was completed in the districts, and it was incinerated in a hole at a depth of 6-meters and 7 meters wide and the temperature of 400 degree Celsius as a means to comply with the destruction process.

The event was led by the Republic Gen. attorney, José Ximenes and General Commander of PNTL, Commissary Faustino da Costa.

Image Tatoli/Antonio Gonçalves

The destruction of the 160 tonnes of drugs as a form to show other countries that despite Timor-Leste’s fewer human resources and materials, Timor-Leste has an ongoing commitment to combat drug trafficking crimes and to rescue the state and society from becoming victim to drugs and save Timor-Leste from becoming a place for drug transportation.

Coordinator for the Drug destruction material, Lidia Soares said, these are illicit drugs of all different types that they come from China to distribute throughout Indonesia with the last destination being Timor-Leste.

“I want to say that, this is the first time Timor-Leste has destroyed a large number of illicit drugs, and according to the information, it has been accessed as the largest quantity of drugs among ASEAN. Criminals are interested in importing drugs to Timor-Leste because they consider Timor-Leste to be a country with weak security systems” she said.

José Ximenes, the Republic General Attorney, said the destruction of drugs was based on a decision from Timor-Leste court, to ensure that Timor-Leste does not become a place for drug crime transition.

“We don’t want Timor-Leste to become a place to transit illicit drugs and other harmful chemical materials,” he said.

“These drugs are from china with final destination to Dili, and these materials are arriving step by step, some are arriving in 19 of August 2017, 20 September 2017, November 7, 2017, but importers were trying to distribute the materials to Indonesia, but the Police have stopped the distribution channels and brought it to court for processing,” he said.

according to him, these materials are arriving in Timor-Leste because the importers know that Timor-Leste has no industry, or any market for more production.

“They are doing these for two reasons, first is the Timor-Leste’s perceived inability to control substances, and second is its weaknesses in the human resources and materials resources,” he said.

According to the observation from Tatoli, drugs were held securely by the police from the PNTL quarter general in Loes,

Journalist: Eugénio Pereira/Jorgerjo Guterres

Editor: Francisco Simões/Nick kettle


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