Centro Nacional Chega! I.P celebrates the 45th anniversary of the Balibo Five Tragedy

Centro Nacional Chega! I.P celebrates the 45th anniversary of the Balibo Five Tragedy

BOBONARO, 15 october 2020 (TATOLI)— Centro Nacional Chega (CNC) along with the Press Council (CI) celebrated the 45th anniversary of the tragedy known as the Balibo Five, in the Bobonaro Municipality, from 15 to 16 of october they are hosting an exhibition and other activities.

Director of CNC, Hugo Fernandes, said the exhibition is to commemorate the tragedy that happened many years ago.

“This is a reminder to us that every conflict involves the loss and destruction of people. Our conflict started in August of 1975 and went until 1999, during this time, many people had made the ultimate sacrifice, in the struggle for auto-determination. Timorese people had fought for their natural right for life for 25 years,” CNC Director Hugo Fernandes at the first day of the event at Balibo Municipality.


Mr Fernandes added that, this exhibition is to signify the long fight, not necessarily just for the Journalists, but also the active participation from the community.

“The Community held thoughts of a good life, free from fear, this is what we gained through independence since we are free, and these thoughts are now a form of nationalism,” he said.

Hugo Fernandes thanked the government participation and the former President of Timor-Leste José Ramos Horta as well as the community of Balibo for their involvement in this important commemoration.

President of Press Council, Virgílio Guterres, said Balibo should become a space for truth.

“Truth is not only important for our past, but the truth is important in the present for our journalists and our leaders,” he said.


This independent institution has the ambition to discuss with leaders, to mark 16 of october as an annual event in Balibo.

On october 16, 1975, the Balibo tragedy was happened and caused five Journalist to lose their lives due to the brutality of the Indonesian Military. The five journalists were doing work in Balibo to transmit the information of events in Timor-Leste to Australia Television, their death and the events which occurred on that day are known as ‘Balibo Five’.

The journalists who lost their lives were Greg Shackleton (reportér), Tony Stewart (recorder), Gary Cunningham (cameraman) from Channel 7 (Seven Network) Melbourne, and Brian Peters (cameraman) and Malcolm Rennie (reportér) from Channel 9 (Nine Network) Sydney,

Journalist: Antónia Gusmão

Editor: Julia Chatarina/Nick Kettle


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