The Government looks to fix prices of items in the Basic Staples Food scheme

The Government looks to fix prices of items in the Basic Staples Food scheme

Coordinator Minister for Economic Affairs, Joaquim Amáral (Image/MKAE)

Dili, 17 november 2020 (TATOLI)– Minister of Economy and coordination (MKAE) will conduct a meeting with the Tourism Commerce and Industry Minister to evaluate the basic staple foods distribution activities.

Economy Minister, Joaquim Amanal said that price that offered in this program is equivalent to the market price.

“We can’t find resolves out of the market rules, and all suppliers that have qualified have their strong reputation and do deserve to be distributors. We all must trust them, that there is no manipulation on the price offered for this program.” Said Joaquim in President Palace on Wednesday.

Mr Amaral said the controlling mechanism had been provided to the supplying companies to distribute without any error.

The meeting between two Miniseries is aimed around talks about the price-fixing and recommendation of a set price. For example Leader supermarket must be selling the same items at a price which has been offered by the Government to people in Metinaro.

Minister Amaral said that the Government signed a contract with shops that have qualified and with sound financials.

Minister Joaquim disagree with the statements and feedback of the community about the inability to purchase basic staple foods with the voucher of $.25.00.

He stressed that the Government has provided a median price for everyone and recognises that all people have the same right and reserve that price.

“We are proud of what the Government is doing for the people in a problematic situation to respond to people needs. We trust on Anti-Corruption commission to maximal controlling for any irregularity committed by while implementing this program,” He said.

It is not easy to distribute the staple foods and recommending to all relevant government institutions to corporate to the program.

“We have some problem for the data collecting and transportation to transfer money and materials to the people in the rural areas.’’

Journalist: Natalino Costa

Editor: Julia Chatarina/Nick Kettle


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