CIS arrest operator of Telemor telcomunication and Elite computer for allegedly using a legal satellite connection

CIS arrest operator of Telemor telcomunication and  Elite computer for allegedly using a legal satellite  connection

DILI, 23 november 2020 (TATOLI)-The Criminal Investigation Service (CIS) arrested the person responsible for Telemor telecommunications operators and Elite Computer for allegedly using legal lexias of satellite services on the provision of internet services from Atambua, Indonesia.

The incident was investigating by the Criminal Investigation Service, composed of SIC Commander, Sup Chef José Maria Neto, a team of experienced investigators from the Timor-Leste National Police Information Service (PNTL).

The team executing the order based on the Court decision. The Suspects will be presented to the Court for the first investigation.

The Manager of Telemor was arrested by the SIC team at his office in Timor-Plaza Shopping Center. At the same time the SIC also detained the operator for the Elite Computer at Colmera around 2:45 Pm.

The SIC team subsequently explained the contents of the detention card from both suspects adding that there would be an investigation to the systems as well as the call center system in Telemor, at the CBD-2 building, in Timor-Plaza.

The SIC agents along with the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) team register the key access to the control system of the Elite Computer company, which is allegedly using an illegal and satellite lexicon from Atambua.

The suspects have been using the internet service, providing elements related to other ministries and even the PNTL office.

Illegal satellite leasing from Atambua was introduced in 2012, making it clear that the State is losing out.

The suspects are accused for the fraud of information and the tax fraud.

It is noted that the company has launched a Public Competition for the realization of internet services, as opposed to the National Communications Authority (ANC) which understands that it does not meet the standards of legal relations in the use of lexicons.

Seconds later, the Elite Computer together with the PNTL will proceed with the installation of CCTV systems, in Díli and in the integrated terrestrial.

Journalist: Eugénio Pereira

 Editor: Francisco Simões


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