Coronavirus: one new COVID-19 case detected at Timor-Leste Quarantine site

Coronavirus: one new COVID-19 case detected at Timor-Leste Quarantine site

DILI, 02 dezembru 2020 (TATOLI)— The Government’s Ministry of Health on Wednesday said that another visiting foreign citizen has tested positive for coronavirus, and the has been transfered to Vera-Cruz Isolation Center for the treatment.

The Coordinator of COVID-19, Odete  da Silva Viegas said, the patient is  a 35 year old male, traveled from Uganda to Dubai on november 16 2020 and arrived in Malaysia on november 17.

“The patient traveled from Malaysia to Dili along with 63 passengers. and the positive result was confirmed by Timor-Leste’s Ministry of Health on december 1 2020,” Ms Viegas said during the press conference at the Ministry of Health office.

However Ms Viegas rejected to announce to the public about the patient nationality.

She said there was no symptom of COVID-19 confirmed on the patient but the result show the patient is positive to COVID-19.

During the outbreak of COVID-19 there are no new cases as a result of community transmission.

Of the new case, one arrived from the abroad bring the country to registered one new case of COVID-19.

”following the recorded results from Ministry of Health,  there are 14.371 in mandatory quarantine with 631 await result, and the total cumulative result is 31 while  29 previously reported case of COVID-19 have now also recovered, with The total number of confirmed  cases is one and probable cases now stands at 33 , with 13.727 negative,”Ms Viegas said.

she said the total participants in the quarantine is 159, Dili 114 and 45 quarantine in municipalities, while 193 are outquarantine.

in addition 5.404 patients in Dili have passed the 14 mandatory quarantine test and 1.097 in Municipalities.

Journalist :Felicidade Ximenes

Editor :Agapito dos Santos


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