President Lú Olo declared the level eight of State Emergency

President Lú Olo declared the  level eight of State Emergency

DILI, 04 december 2020 (TATOLI)— President Republic, Francisco Guterres Lú Olo declare State of Emergency on december 3, 2020 begin from december 4, 2020 at 00:00 to January 2, 2021 at 23:59.

The State of Emergency is partially to suspend the right for Intentional Circulation, Freedom of Circulation and Retention of Residence for any points in national territory and the right for the existence.

The Public Authority will impose necessary restrictions to reduce the risk of transmission by using preventative measures to combat the pandemic. These measures include maintaining social distance, housing those who test positive to the disease in isolation centres, the mandatory quarantine for people arriving from abroad, wearing masks, washing hands and physical distance.

President issue the State of Emergency after the Parliament authorized the proposal on december 3.

On November 30 the CSDS and the State Council agreed to renew the eight level of State Emergency and recommended to the President to issue the proposal to the Parliament National ask for the extension of State Emergency.

The extension of the 8th period of SE is due to the concerns of the epidemiological situation and proliferation on recorded cases and the contagious of COVID-19 in Regional and International levels.

Following the results from the World Health Organisation (WHO), the coronavirus cases have been surging across the 216 countries and have affected 64.4 million people around the world, 41.4 have been recovered from the virus and around 1.4 million fatalities.

WHO announced on December 1, the disease has killed more than 17.000 people while more than five hundred thousand people have infected from the virus.

In Nusa Tenggara the WHO has recorded two hundred thousand people have been infected and 10 fatalities.

During the outbreak of COVID-19 there are no new cases as a result of community transmission. All the cases are transported. Thus, the extension for the to the State of Emergency to prevent the citizens from the public calamity.

Currently Timor-Leste has only one active case, 30 have recovered and zero fatality.



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