PFMO held closing ceremony on a fake news training

PFMO held closing ceremony on a fake news training

DILI, 15 december 2020 (TATOLI)-Partnership for The Management and Supervision for Public Finance (PFMO) held a closing ceremony for the Fake News and Misinformation training to 30 Timorese Journalists at the Timor Plaza Shopping Center.

The training started on November 20 until december 15 at Pateo Dili, and training are coming from the Center for Protocol and Journalist professional training (CENJOR) Portugal.

The Coordinator of PFMO, Ruis Denis highlighted the benefit from the training to the Timorese Journalists to be more accurate in the news writing and help them to fight against the fake news.

“The training is focused more on how to reduce the fake news and the journalists are having the competence to fight against the fake news,”Denis explain.

The Representative of the Portugal Embassy to Timor-Leste, João Brito Câmara said the objective of this project is to contribute for good governance and help the development of the country.

“Today we are distributing the certificate for the participants who are completed their courses, this activity is organized by the PFMO and Camões Instituto I.P and funding by the European Union,” Ambassador Câmara said.

Data Journalism will reinforce the economy and financial, especially the professional capacity of the journalists and the social communication structures to promote culture professional and ethics with responsible.

The subjects explored by the trainers and the participants were the fundamental understanding of journalism in the era of digital, identifying the fake news, identifying and acknowledge the misleading information existing in the scope of digital era, identifying the type of regulation in the digital, use the tools to identify and demystifying the fake news, explain their knowledge about the concrete case in Timor-Leste through the verification of information in the matter of economy and public finance with actual and relevant about provision of service in Timor-Leste.

Ana Pinto Martinho and Rui Guirreiro are the training facilitators, both have the background of journalists and have been working as journalist for 20 years, Specialist of Information and Technology and Communication.

Journalist: Feliciadade Ximenes

Editor: Agapito Dos Santos


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