UNDP- Facebook hold a virtual training on the online security to 40 journalists

UNDP- Facebook hold a virtual training on the online security to 40 journalists

DILI,  15 december, 2020 (TATOLI) – The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Facebook have organized the streamlined training on the online security for more than 40 journalists at Hotel Timor Dili.

The Head of the UNDP Governance Unit, Youngchan Kim, said this initiative aimed at improving online journalism in Timor-Leste and helping journalists to get to know new media, taking into account the limitations on the use of networks like Facebook.

“Security is relevant for the journalist who are working in the free and democratic media,” Youngchan Kim, said

Kim said, he intends to support Timorese journalists in the use of new media in their workplaces.

“Social social networks are an extremely important platform, because there a journalist can get the information and desalinate it trough the social notworks”, he stressed.

He also thanked the Facebook for the cooperation by saying that ” hoping that the cooperation of both parties will continue in the future to give better training for Timorese Journalists.

The President of the Press Council, Virgílio da Silva Guterres, taking the opportunity to congratulate the UNDP and Facebook for this training.

“This virtual training is started by UNDP. I hope it will be useful for our journalists. The Press Council maintains the cooperation, particularly with Facebook to address issues such as security measures. thus we avoid being a victim of false information on the social networks ”, he said.

so far the training was attended by journalists from Radio and Television of Timor-Leste (RTTL), from the Timor-Leste News Agency (TATOLI) and Timor Post.

Journalist: Nélia Fernandes

Editor: Maria Auxiliadora/Nick Kettle


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