CCI-TL join the virtual meeting of ASEAN-BAC

CCI-TL join the virtual meeting of ASEAN-BAC

DILI 20 january, 2021 (TATOLI) – Timor-Leste Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI-TL) participates in the 88th video conference meeting of the Business Advisory Council of the Secretariat of the Association of Nations of the Southeast Asia (ASEAN-BAC) chaired by Brunei wednesday (20/01).

According to the press release document Timor Leste is invited to join the meeting after the CCI-TL was presented in a last year of a virtual meeting with the ASEAN Economic Community (CEA), organized on december.

The Government’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MNEC) continues to coordinate with the Timor-Leste private sector in a view to join the ASEAN.

Timor-Leste extends its appreciation for the opportunity given to the country to participate in the meeting and is looking forward to share the knowledge with its partners about the current situation experienced by the country’s private sectors.

“Timor-Leste hopes the virtual meeting will provide ASEAN-BAC with detailed information on the dynamics existing in the private sector of Timor-Leste and, on the other hand, serve as ample space for both parties to work together creating more opportunities for the business,” said.

The statement underline, Timor-Leste commitment in achieving its objectives to reinforce its intentions to join ASEAN.

ASEAN-BAC was created by several governments and ASEAN States with the aim of providing support to the private sectors with regard to the provision of advice.

It is recalled that on december 7-9, 2020  Timor-Leste joined a virtual meeting with the ASEAN Economic Community. The meeting was organized by the ASEAN Secretariat (ASEC) in coordination with Senior Economic Officials of that organization and the Asian Development Bank (AfDB), chaired by Vietnam.

 The Director General of MNEC, Milena Rangel, had previously said that, in the context of the current global health situation, senior economic officials from ASEAN organized a virtual meeting with Timor-Leste to add information regarding the evaluation report prepared by the AfDB and ASEC on the implications for Timor-Leste in adhering to the ASEAN economic agreement.

Ms Rangel said, the meeting would represent an important step towards Timor-Leste’s accession to ASEAN, providing a platform for representatives of ministries, relevant agencies and Timorese business fabric with regard to connections and communication with senior officials and delegations.

Journalist: Nelia Fernandes

Editor: Maria Auxiliadora


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