State of Emergency: Classes are suspended in Covalima municipality

State of Emergency: Classes are suspended in Covalima municipality

High School Students, Nino Coni Santana, Geleno (Image Tatoli/António Gonçalves)

DILI, 3 march, 2021 (TATOLI) – The Minister of Education, Youth and Sports (MEJD), Armindo Maia, said that, Ministry of Education will not suspend the school’s activities in all territories except for the Covalima municipality.

Maia recalls that, the Ministry of Education has suspended, between February 27 to March 13, the teaching activities in the entire Covalima municipality.

“Other [schools] will continue their activities. There will be a government resolution and we will make few adjustments”, Minister, Maia said.

The MEJD issued a ministerial order on the suspension of classes based on the recommendations issued by the Integrated Crisis Management Center (CIGC). One of these suggestions was the provisional closure of schools in Covalima since ten active local transmission cases of covid-19 were identified during the mass testing implemented at the administrative posts of Fatumean, Covalima municipality.

One of the patients is a fifth-year student at Central Basic School of Salele, at Onu Laran village, Covalima Municipality.

The Government also renewed the measures for the sanitary fence in Covalima, and also implement the travel ban between this municipality and the rest between 00:00 hours on March 4th and 23:59 hours on April 2nd.

He said, the measure implemented in the eleventh period of state of emergency will allow the Ministry to outline several necessary measures.

The measures for the eleventh period of Estate of Emergency underlines several measures which is suspend the rights of international movement, freedom of movement and residence in any part of the country and the right for gathering.

In is also outline the suspension for the religious activities, the right to property and private economic initiative and the right to resist.

Meanwhile for the Education, face to face classes will be temporarily suspended in Covalima municipality, in order to reduce the risk of contagion and implement measures to prevent the further transmission of the disease.

It is recalled that the country currently has 23 active cases of covid-19 and 113 infections since the beginning of the outbreak in the country.

Journalist: Maria Auxiliadora 

Editor: Zezito Silva


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