Timor-Leste reports 39 new local COVID-19 cases with three recoveries

Timor-Leste reports 39 new local COVID-19 cases with three recoveries

DILI, 1 april, 2021 (TATOLI) – Yesterday 39 cases have been announced with three recoveries bringing the Timor-Leste direct COVID-19 cases to 451. 

The CIGC Coordinator, Rui de Araújo, said with the number of cases have been reported since march outbreak, bring the country’s total outbreak of covid-19 to 48.

Mr Araújo explained, the two cases in Ermera municipality, was detected on march 26, the infected people traveled from Dili to Letefoho.

Of the 39 cases reported today, 20 are men and 19 women.

“1,228 laboratory tests have been performed, the 137 tested were performed following the request from the authority to leave the city,” Araújo said.

According to Araújo 118 requests have been submittted but only 32 did not meet the requirement underline in the Government’s resolution.

Baucau registered the highest number of cases in municipality which is 26, This brings the municipal’s total to 26. The numbers in this municipality have caused alarm as it was under lockdown for many days and only emergency vehicles movement in and out of the province was permitted.

Covalima has also recorded 19 positive cases, bringing the province total to 19.

While Lospalos and Oé-Cusse registered the lowest number of cases in the past few days with just one positive cases in Lospalos and one in Oé-Cusse.


Journalist: Felicidade Ximenes

Editor: Cipriano Colo


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