Australia transports 30 tonnes of humanitarian aids to Timor-Leste

Australia transports 30 tonnes of humanitarian aids to Timor-Leste

The Royal Australian Air Force, landed in Dili bring 27 tonnes of Humanitarian aid (Image Tatoli/Antonio Gonçalves)

DILI, 14 april 2021 (TATOLI) – The Australian Government provides 30 tonnes of humanitarian aids transported with a Royal Australian Air Force, landed in Dili Wednesday. 

The 30 tonnes of Australian Humanitarian aid including food and shelter kits. 

“The humanitarian aid that provided by the Australian government is more than 30 tonnes,” Ambassador of Australia to Timor-Leste Peter Roberts told the journalists at the Nicolau Lobato International Airport, Dili, this Wednesday. 

Mr. Robert said this support is part of the total budget of 7 million AUD granted by the Australian Federal Government to support the victim of the flood’s disaster after the torrential rain. 

The plane also carried two Australian medical specialists who will help Timor Leste tackle a sharp spike in COVID-19 cases in the wake of the floods. 

“The two doctors, a senior epidemiologist, and another health care officer will work together with the MS surveillance team,” Mr. Robert said. 

Mr. Robert added that the emergency support will be distributed to the victim of the natural disaster. 

“This emergency aid will be distributed by an NGO, a humanitarian partner of the Australian Embassy to the victims while Personal protective equipment (PPE) aims to increase the government’s stock that was damaged during the floods, a continuation support to last week’s 500 kilograms of PPE ”, Ambassador Robert said. 

“Australia is proud to cooperate with the Government of Timor-Leste to fight against covid-19 and to recover the country after the floods,” he said. 


Journalist: Felicidade Ximenes

Editor: Cipriano Colo


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