MoH prepares six additional isolation buildings for covid-19 patients

MoH prepares six additional isolation buildings for covid-19 patients

DILI, 27 april 2021 (TATOLI) – The Ministry of Health (MS) will create six more buildings for covid isolation centers since the number of covid-19 in the country is continued to increase.

The designated sites for future isolation centers are the School of the basic education of the first and second cycles in Bairro Formosa, the Technical-Vocational School in Becora, the Eternity Hotel in Fatuhada, the Golgota shopping center, a building in the Municipality of Manatuto, and Dare’s retirement home.

“Representatives from the Ministry of Health of the CIGC on Saturday and Sunday have visited the places destined for the new isolation centers in Dili”, Director General of the Cooperative Services of the Ministry of Health, Marcelo Amaral, said.

The team has already observed the Golgota shopping center and is in negotiations with the owner about carrying out the necessary works so that the building can accommodate 150 infected with covid-19 at a reasonable price.

Concerning the school building in Bairro Formosa, the team has already made two observations, adding that some rehabilitation works must be completed.

Marcelo Amaral also mentioned that the engineers of the National Development Agency (ADN) are currently carrying out a technical survey so that they can analyze which part of the school to rehabilitate and, thus, prepare the place for isolation.

About the Technical-Vocational School in Becora, the director clarified that it is necessary to make rehabilitation to the bathroom and install drinking water.

The official also stressed that four of the five floors of the Eternity Hotel in Fatuhada will be used for isolation, stressing that the health team has already set up the beds and it is ready to be used.

Meanwhile in Manatuto authorities have prepared 60 beds and some infected people have already been transferred to Manatuto on recent Sunday. Regarding Dare’s retreat house, is still under negotiation between the relevant authorities.

The country currently has five isolation centers that have been using at a time- the Lahane Hospital, the isolation centers of Vera Cruz and Tasi Tolu, the SK and Novo Turismo hotels.

Timor-Leste currently registers 1,050 active infections and 1,949 confirmed cases and three deaths since the emergence of the new coronavirus.

Journalist: Felicidade Ximenes

Editor: Cipriano Colo


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