Malaysia supports Timor-Leste accession to ASEAN

Malaysia supports Timor-Leste accession to ASEAN

DILI, 06 may 2021 (TATOLI) – The Malaysian ambassador to Timor-Leste, Sarimah Akbar, said Malaysia is committed to support Timor-Leste accession to the membership of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

“I affirm the relationship between the two countries is very important, Malaysia supports Timor-Leste’s accession to ASEAN,” said Ambassador Sarimah Akbar after the end of the meeting with the President of the Republic at the Presidential Palace, in Aitarak-Laran, Dili.

Ms Akbar stressed that her mission in Timor-Leste will end in the middle of this month.

“I held this meeting with the President of the Republic, Francisco Guterres Lú Olo, since my mission as the Ambassador to Timor-Leste is ended in this month,” she said.

She added that the new ambassador will arrive in Timor-Leste to continue his diplomatic work in this country.

“On this occasion, I am grateful to the President of the Republic for the opportunity to receive the AstraZeneca vaccine in Timor-Leste, among others,” she said.

The ambassador thanked the cooperation between the two countries during their mission in Timor-Leste.

“I hope that the two countries will continue their good relationship and improve their development in the future,”said.

Ambassador Akbar also stressed that Malaysia continues to support the training of Timorese officials in different areas to improve their works.


Journalist: Osória Marques

Editor: Cancio Ximenes


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