Brazil has selected two experts to support the TL Attorney General

Brazil has selected two experts to support the TL Attorney General

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DILI, 15 june 2021 (TATOLI)- Brazil has selected 2 lawyers based on Timor-Leste’s attorney general to assist in training and prosecution

“Brazil has selected 2 experts to help with the judicial and judication training center (SIJS) and the other one will be assigned to the lawyers department.

The attorney general made a request that we need experienced people to adapt quickly,” Attorney General Cancio Xavier told reporters of TATOLI News Agency in Kintal Boot on Tuesday.
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The lawyer represented by Attorney General Cancio Xavier had a meeting with the Brazilian Ambassador Mauricio Medeiros de Assis to discuss the process of providing this expert.” Therefore speaking with the Brazilian Ambassador is a source of information to communicate in detail, ” said Xavier.

In addition, the Brazilian government through the Brazilian Agency has provided technical and advisory services to TL General Counsel for 18 years through a Cooperation statement which has reached its seventh stage and has ended in december 31, 2019.

In this cooperation, Brazil has provided support since the installation of lawyers along with a system to establish advisors to public attorneys to see all laws, conditions of cooperation, develop Superior councils, develop legal procedures, and facilitate training for lawyers in conducting comparative studies to see legal techniques in Brazil.

During this cooperation, the official staff and lawyers conducted a comparative study to see the technical law in Brazil.

On 7 June 2020 the government through the Minister of Justice Manuel Carceres da Costa with the Brazilian Ambassador in TL signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Brazilian Agency for Cooperation (ABC abbreviation of Portuguese) to continue the extension of the next stage of cooperation until 2023.

Journalist: Nelson de Sousa (Translator: Camilio de Sousa)

Editor: Cipriano Colo (Rafy Belo)


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