CDITL requests to the government to provide inclusion condition to the people with disability condition

CDITL requests to the government to provide inclusion condition to the people with disability condition

One person with a disability condition received an offer like a house key from the ADTL when his home was affected by the floods. Image TATOLI/Arminda Fonseca

DILI, 18 june 2021 (TATOLI)-Timor-Leste Inclusion Development Center (CDITL), requests the government of Timor-Leste for the inclusion program Timor-Leste to be implemented for  people with a disability condition.

The CDITL considers the public condition is not accessible for the people with a disability condition to be accessing. There are roads, school conditions and other public facilities that are not available and proper for people with disabilities to be used.

Due to the lack of proper conditions for people with disabilities. The CDITL assisted to provide some capacity building to acquire new competence to contribute for country development in Timor-Leste.

CDITL focus on children with disability program and help them to access for public school.

Based on Timor-Leste’s Government policy through the Minister of Education, youth and sport’s to provide inclusion school for people of disability. The Executive Director of CDITL told TATOLI Agency, at his office in Becora, this friday.

The Exclusive Director of CDITL, Martino Guterres said Timor-Leste Inclusive Development Center (CDITL) provides youth creativity training for disability persons to provide life skills to contribute to country development.

The program is aimed to provide life skills training for disability people and offers opportunities to contribute to country developments.

“The inclusion program is not implemented in Timor-Leste to provide conditions for children to access public school as normal people. The training consists of English language skill, sewing, painting and other skills that help people with disabilities.” Mr Martino Guterres said

Mostly CDITL providing program for fundraising to support training program and the fund raising is coming for some local companies.

They have collected fund form $ 2.000 from local companies including equipment such as two four laptops and two desktops.

He said the training opportunity is just not offered to the people with disability and training can be offered to all people who are interested to get capacity.

CDITL is in coordination with the Minister of Social Solidarity and Inclusion to develop training programs and provide funds to help people with disabilities.

CDITL was established on 4 of september 2017 and today has 20 members in Dili and some members in around municipalities. Due to the pandemic situation there is a lack of connection with the members at the municipality level to processing the training program.

Thus, the CDITL is committing to continue the training program in Dili and provide people with disability access to public school.

The executive director offers advocacy for the government of Timor-Leste to provide proper conditions for the people with disability and consider all people in equal opportunity.

Journalist: Jose Belarmino De Sá

Editor:  Rafy Belo


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