TNCC provides opportunity for vulnerable communities

TNCC provides opportunity for vulnerable communities

The Executive Director of TLCC, Joana Veneranda Amaral. Image TATOLI//José Belarmino de Sá

DILI, 26 june  2021 (TATOLI)– Timor Loro Sa’e Nippon Culture Center (INCC) provides empowerment programs to vulnerable communities and especially offers the opportunity to Veteran’s children.

 “TNCC is providing four vital programs to offer opportunities for the vulnerable community to make their life different in the future. The programs consist of Agriculture program, Culture and dialect, ICT Energy Gas and scholarship programs,” The Executive Director of TLCC, Joana Veneranda Amaral told TATOLI Agency, at farmer head quarter das Falintil, Taibesi-Dili, this saturday.

The agriculture program is most important as 70% of the Timorese population’s occupation is agriculture and the majority of the population depends on agriculture. It is to increase the organic local product and to promote the dependents of import foods to Timor-Leste,

Ms. Amaral stressed that TNCC also prioritizing for promoting local language as timorese dialects, through writing and more producing books of Mambae, Fataluku, Mediki, Makalero, Tetum Terik and other, and even the books are translating to the English and Portuguese languages. Those books will be provided to the University in Timor-Leste to be used for the learning process.

The ICT Energy Gas program on biogas to help rural communities are not accessing electricity power for lamps, cooking and others. This program has been implemented in Uatu-lari, Macadiki and Viqueque.

The most important program if offering the scholarship program to vulnerable especially for the veterans children, thus they can have opportunity to access to education and helping them to get job opportunity in the Future.

It is recalled that since then Timor Loro Sa’e Nippon Culture Center (TNCC) has offered scholarships to more than 10 students and worked closely with SALESIAN school in Baucau municipality as in Venilale and Laga post administrative. Five of the students have graduated from university and still have not got the job due to the pandemic situation.

TNCC is in commitment to help Timorese people to achieve good human resources and raising nationalist sentiment to be loved and using their own resources.

The point is helping the veteran’s children and youth and community to have capacity to develop their human and natural resources.

However, TNCC was established in january 01, 2000 co legally approved to become Non-government organization and become member of Forum organization in Timor-Leste (FONTIL) in 2013.

TNCC is an independent and non-profit national non-government organization.

Journalist: José Belarmino de Sá

Editor: Rafy Belo


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