WVTL hands over school Materials and Health hygiene Kits to NCCR

WVTL hands over school Materials and Health hygiene Kits to NCCR

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DILI, 28 june 2021 (TATOLI)- World Vision Timor-Leste (WVTL) handed over children school materials and Health hygiene kits to the National Child Protection commission (NCCR) to distribute to the children affected by natural disaster was happen in last april.

World Vision national director, Migena Shulla said, today, world vision is very pleased to offer school materials and hygiene kits items to the child protection commission (NCCR) and the items will be distributed to the children that are affected by the calamity situation.

The material consisted of hygiene kits, hand sanitizer, maskers and school materials as school note books, pens, drawing books. The materials will be distributed to the children in Lahane Hospital area, Matadoru, Hera and some children stay at UMA MAHON FOKUPERS.

WVTL provided 500 school books and 500 hygiene kits items to distribute to the 210 children in Dili. World Vision is a partnership with NCCR to achieve a dream for the children’s bright future in Timor-Leste. World Vision intends working closely with NCCR to support the children affected by the floods last april.

To ensure the children comply with COVID-19 protocol, WVTL provides some hygiene kits to avoid children from spreading of the covid-19 disease.

World Vision TL in longstanding commitment working with all partners and especially with National Child Protection commission (NCCR) in a long period to provide protection for all children mostly suffering from the Natural Disaster and forms of violence against children in Timor-Leste. National Director World Vision, Migena Shulla said in her speech at the World Vision office in Bidau, this monday.

The National Commission of Child Right, Dinorah Granadeiro said school materials and health hygiene kits will be distributed to the children in Dili area where children are mostly affected by natural disasters. It is possible to distribute the materials to the children at the municipality level.

According to the Minister of Social and Inclusion, data shows that more than 200 children are affected by natural disasters in all territories of Timor-Leste.

Thus, NCCR is coordinating with partners to respond to children’s basic needs to bring children back to normal life.

The handing over ceremony was marked by Director of World Vision, Migena Shulla, the National Child Commission Right, Dinorah Granadeiro and Advocacy and External Engagement manager, Antonio do Rosario.

Journalists: José Belarmino de Sá

Editor: Rafy Belo


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