KJFL helps entrepreneurs find solutions of Business Challenges

KJFL helps entrepreneurs find solutions of Business Challenges

KJFL project manager, Francelino Guterres. Image TATOLI/José B. de Sá

DILI, 01 july 2021 (TATOLI)-Knua Juventude Fila Liman (KJFL) helps Timor-Leste entrepreneur groups to find solution for business activities. The Timor-Leste’s business person faces challenge on running their business due on Pandemic and Calamity situation.

The KJFL is partnership with Institution of Support Entrepreneur development (IADE) to provide guidance for business person to deeply comprehend on business plan, legality, and management, raise innovative idea and opportunity for economy participation. The Knua Juventude Fila Liman (KJFL) project manager, Francelino Guterres informed to TATOLI  Agency, this thursday

KJFL and IADE guide entrepreneur groups to achieved their best performance on running business activities. The qualification deserve for the business groups that reached good management and innovative idea on their product to be value in the market.

Based on research conducted in last two week ago and identified 70 entrepreneur person have been done their run their business, thus they face challenges due on COVID-19 and natural disaster.

He said that KJFL in coordinating with Women Entrepreneur, Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Timor-Leste (CCITL) to provide business guidance to help improving business management activities going smoothly.

Currently Minister of Tourism, Trade and Industry (MTTI) launched soft low policy to all entrepreneurs able to access for bank credit with soft low 3%, it is first soft low credit in Timor-Leste helping the business finance.

“Last two week ago, 20 of business groups have benefit for these groups to support business activities in Timor-Leste. This credit can be access in the Timor-Leste National Trade Bank (BNCTL),” He said

He added that KJTL and MTTI will organize Business Innovation Challenge Competition (BIC) and the winners for the competition will receive different present depended on the innovative idea provided by business person.

The Champion of entrepreneur groups still on accompanied by SJTL on escalating their business activities and promotes crops to the market.

He said that The UNDP is provided financial the amount of $.600.000 and divided for some components comprising of youth capacity building and running entrepreneur program and Business Innovation Challenge Competition.

KJTL helps on promoting Ermera coffee and mushroom product to the national market, the focus on domestic market and will expand to international market if necessary.

He revealed to all Timor-Leste business person to consider the important of business finance management to ensure the existence of business in national market and even goes to international market.

Journalists: José Belarmino de Sá

Editor: Rafy Belo


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