ANPM proposes China Harbour company to find alternative

ANPM proposes China Harbour company to find alternative

DILI, 06 july 2021 (TATOLI)- The National Petroleum and Minerals Authority (ANPM) proposes that China Harbour company to find another alternative to transport rock to construct Tibar Bay Port.

Since the construction, China Harbour company that is responsible for stone supply to Timor Port company to build Tibar Bay Port. However the process of stone supply transportation caused some damages to the main roads.

ANPM’s Vice President for Mineral Exploration and Exploitation, José Gonçalves  offers recommendation to supplier companies to continue work, therefore should find other alternatives on their activities and it is not contributing to the impact on environment issues.

“We have discussed this with China Harbour Company, on finding the alternative on using sea transportation before giving an extension of proof of environmental permit,” explained José at the Ministry of Finance office, this tuesday.

Previously, ANPM has attributed environmental license to China Harbour, Lda in june 2019 and it has expired in june 2021. Currently, China Harbour is in charge of the ecstasy stone removal project from the Kaitehu area, Mota-Ulun village, Liquiça to Tibar Harbor.

According to observations made by journalists in the field, there is road degradation at three different places from Kaitehu to the port because it is often traversed by overloaded vehicles, which are believed to belong to the China Harbor company with a load of more than 6 tons.

The damage refers to three categories: 120 meters, direction of damage rutting pushed towards the west traffic direction, 580 meter of direction of damage (rutting) pushed towards the west traffic direction and the last is 110 meters direction of damage the west traffic direction.

In this regard, ANPM confirmed that it did not intend to prevent the Tibar Port project, but with the intention of communicating with the China Harbor company to find another mechanism for removing ecstasy stones to prevent damage to roads and the environment.

“We have nothing to do with the Timor Port company, and there is nothing to blame, as the company is  responsible for the Tibar Port construction, not for stone mini activities supply.

We provide evidence of environmental permits to China Harbor to regulate stone mining activities,” he said.

It is recalled that since in 2019, the inter-ministerial commission for environmental permits indicated that land vehicles were a component with the possibility of having an impact on road conditions.

For this reason, the commission asked China Harbor to conduct a comparative study of the condition of the Kaitehu road in the construction of the Tibar Port, which is an alternative material transfer for two years.

Since july 2019 until this year, China Harbour has loaded 1.800 tons of stone of which 1,200 tons have been transferred to the construction area, every day it can mobilize up to 3.000 tons of rock using vehicles, which can be anchored on the road.

Journalist: José Belarmino de Sá

Editor: Rafy Belo


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