Civil Society appreciates government for prioritizing Key Sectors in 2022 OJE

Civil Society appreciates government for prioritizing Key Sectors in 2022 OJE

DILI, 08 june 2021 (TATOLI) – Civil Society appreciates the government for prioritizing six key sectors in the General State Budget (OJE) for the fiscal year 2022.

These key sectors include: a) capital social, consisting of education, professional training, and health, b) housing and social inclusion, c) productive sectors, including agriculture, tourism, environment, connectivity, d) private sector development, e) rural development and f) governance.

Speaking at the press conference, the Executive Director of FONGTIL, Daniel Santos do Carmo said that civil society appreciated the seriousness of the government in identifying the aforementioned six priority sectors that are necessary to solve the necessity and difficulties facing the people of Timor-Leste and to ensure sustainable development of the country.

In the budgetary day’s discussion on June 29, the government decided on 1.5 billion for the OJE fiscal year 2022.

“Civil Society praises the wiliness of the government in prioritizing the important sector to better improve the lives of Timorese people. By prioritizing the key sectors would help to liberate the nation from heavily dependent on the petroleum fund,” said Carmo in a press conference at FONGTIL’s office, in Dili, today.

He said that civil society supported the brilliant initiative of the government to improve the lives of the people through 2022 OJE.

“Civil society hopes that the defined priority program of the 2022 budget will improve the quality education system. Education in Timor-Leste has been experiencing difficulties, including school infrastructure, curriculum, quantity, and quality of teachers, learning materials, and other related facilities. Due to the Covid-19, school year calendar was disrupted, so the learning of many students is impacted,” said Carmo

At the same place, Jose Monteiro, Coordinators of the Timor-Leste Coalition for Education (TLCE) hope that the 2022 OJE would help to recover all the impacts caused by Covid-19 on education.

“We appreciate the government for deciding education as the top priority in its 2022 OJE. We know that in the previous OJE, Government only allocated 8 percent to the education sector, but this number is increased to 10 percent, which is a positive sign to recover all of the impacts caused by the pandemic Covid-19.

In addition, Carmo said that, in 2021 OJE, the government only allocated 6 percent on the health sector and 3 percent on the Agriculture sector, adding based on Timor-Leste’s Sustainable Development Goal, the government must allocate up to 25 percent each on Health, Education and Agriculture sector.

Journalist: Filomeno Martins

Editor:L Rafy Belo


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