MARY MACKILLOP Today offers scholarship to 110 students in Timor-Leste

MARY MACKILLOP Today offers scholarship to 110 students in Timor-Leste

Country director MARY MACKILLOP, Alipio Baltazar

DILI, 08 july 2021 (TATOLI) – MARY MACKILLOP Today offered scholarship program to Timorese young people, who are living in vulnerable life condition and do not have financial capacity to proceeding their study.

The country director, Alipio Baltazar said since 2002 MARY MACKILLOP has been offered scholarship opportunity to 110 students. The scholarship program has been benefited to Junior high school, senior high school and university students.  The scholarship program benefits in Dili and others municipalities.

All of beneficiary identified MARY MACKILLOP’s coverage implementing education program composed of  in Viqueque, Manufahi, Ermera, Liquica and Dili.

MARY MACKILLOP is partnership with Christian Brother organization, it is one of Australian nongovernment organization (NGO) that helps 11 students in Ermera municipality within offered scholarship. Most of students have graduated at university and reminders 6 students still on studying process. MARRY MACKILLOP Today country director, Alipio Baltazar told to Tatoli Agency, at Becora, this tuesday.

He added the total numbers of students are 121, they are studying at various departments in different such as at Jesus Secreted Heart (Sagrada Coracao de Jesus) highs school, CANOSA high school, at National University of Timor-Leste (UNTL), University of Dili (UNDIL), Universidade Da Paz (UNPAZ) and CRISTAL Foundation.

Some of beneficiaries are working in some government and private institutions. Most of students that get the scholarship have the financial program in their families.

“MARY MACKILLOP has offered scholarship to two of staff and after they finished their bachelor degree, currently working in Finance department and Health coordinator program,” He said

MARY MACKILLOP country director, Alipio Baltazar calls to government part to have more investment in Education sector, aims investing for human resources thorough government financial to guarantee all Timorese people access for adequate education. The students must use the opportunity to keep study hard and ensuring the brilliant future of Timor-Leste country.

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Journalist: Jóse Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Rafy Belo


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