TIC-ANAS sign agreement on digitalization documents and data

TIC-ANAS sign agreement on digitalization documents and data

DILI, 09 july 2021 (TATOLI) – The Information and Communication Technology Agency I.P. (TIC) signed a memorandum of understanding with the National Authority of Water and Sanitation I.P. (ANAS) to help to digitalize the data and documents, and creating the website of ANAS.

The Executive Director of ANAS, Domingos Pinto said it was an important step for ANAS to have good management of its data, documents, and digital archives.

“I think signing this agreement is very important because it is safer to keep the documents and other important data on a digital archive or database than the conventional ones,” said Pinto during a press conference at ANAS’ office in Dili, on thursday.

He said it would be better for TIC and ANAS to accelerate the creation of ANAS’ website, database, and documentation.

“We do have data, but I think it’s not safe to keep it in such a conventional way. We need to digitalize all the information,” said Pinto.

At the same place, TIC’s Executive Director, Roberto Caetano de Sousa Vicente said through the signing of the MoU, TIC will create ANAS’ website, official email, and database in the very near future.

“TIC is a public institution that was established to bring solutions to the state and public institutions in the area of information and communication technology, including creating apps, electronic platforms, electronic services, and connectivity,” said Vicente.

He said TIC will fully support ANAS in the area of informatics so that it can better improve its services: “Thus, before creating and handing over the app or website to ANAS, we need to test it first to make sure that it is safe from hacking.”

He said apart from ANAS, TIC has been establishing cooperation with more than 40 state institutions in the country.

Journalist: Filomeno Martins

Editor: Rafy Belo


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