MTCI receives 8 food processing machines from JICA

MTCI receives 8 food processing machines from JICA


DILI, september 9, 2021 (TATOLI)- The International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has delivered to the Ministry of Tourism, Commerce, and Industry (MTCI) the raw materials for prototype agro-processing for threshing corn and shelling and coconut milling machine.

“The objective of delivering raw materials is to develop the domestic market. The raw materials are for the agro-processing prototype machines for threshing corn and shelling and Muir coconuts. These machines will be delivered to farmers”, The MTCI Industrial Development Adviser at the agency, Taneo Moriyama, said told TATOLI, in Mandarin.

The advisor said that imported machines are priced like cars for the population, as they have little income to purchase and access.

Mr. Taneo Moriyama said that JICA is trying prototype machines, when it makes progress, it will increase the quantity.

According to Moriyama, the prototype machines are of low quality and cheap to be used in the country.

The Manager of the Unit of the Technical Industry and Metallurgy Center at MTCI, Helio Américo B. Sarmento, said that the unit has seven employees, consisting of six men and one woman who will develop or assemble the machines.

“There are eight machines, two for shelling the coconut and two for Muir coconut and four for threshing the corn,” he explained.

Helio Américo B. Sarmento also referred that when the machines are assembled, the ministry will still experiment, before distributing them to farmers.

The manager said that MTCI identifies the municipalities of Baucau Bobonaro, Same, Manatuto, and Suai to distribute the machines.

JICA provided more than three thousand US dollars (3,988.00) for the purchase of raw materials for the agro-processing machines.


Journalist: Jesuína Xavier

Editor: Zezito Silva

Translator: José Belarmino De Sá


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