Around 4,454 Timorese disabled access to school across Timor-Leste

Around  4,454 Timorese disabled access to school across Timor-Leste

People with Disabilities in Timor-Leste (Image/ADTL)

DILI, 18 September 2021 ( TATOLI)– Chief Department of Planning and inclusive education in The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS) Jose Monteiro, said, around 4,454 People with Disabilities (PwD) have been accessing the school across the Timor-Leste territory.

“We have 4,454 disabled students recorded in the Ministry of Education database, however currently we are facing the limitation of the specific teacher to teach these students,”

“It is difficult to find the specific teacher to facilitate all PwD students across the Public school and Private school in Timor- Leste,” Jose Monteiro told to the reporter in the office of Association of Vision Impairment of Timor – Leste ( AHDMTL) on Friday.

In response to the issue, the MoEYS has established cooperations with different organizations to help the MoEYS is this specific issue: “We had done the Cooperation in all organizations which handled the PwD in Timor Leste including AHMDTL,” He said

The objective of the cooperation is to build the working NGOs to complete each other and MoYeS had planned to recruit specific teachers from AHMDTL and other PwD ‘s organizations to teach Brille letter and PwD ‘s terminology to students with disabilities across the Timor – Leste by 2022.

Likewise the Director of AHDMTL, Gaspar Afonso da Silva appreciates the initiative from the MoEYS in cooperating with the AHDMTL to help disabled students across the country.

“AHMDTL has enough human resources especially on Braille letter, we will contribute to facilitating PwD students across the Timor- Leste when needed,”

“We hope that the government will show the interest in PwD ‘s fate base on the Timor – Leste Government ‘s philosophy: ” Left no one Behind,” he added.


Journalist : Camilio de Sousa

Editor: Nelia Borges


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