MTCI: cultural and historical heritage are important assets for tourism

MTCI: cultural and historical heritage are important assets for tourism

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DILI, 20 september 2021 (TATOLI) – Conserving and preserving the nation’s cultural and historical heritage is important as they are valuable assets for the sustainable development of tourism in the country.

“Tourism is a competitive sector; therefore, cultural, natural, and historical heritages are considered valuable resources, creating a unique tourist attraction for each country. You need to offer unique products of high quality. It means the tourist would not find the same product elsewhere,” Vice Minister of Community and Cultural Tourism, Inacia da Conceição Teixeira to TATOLI, at her office, in Dili, on friday.

Teixeira said to attract more tourists to the country, the tourism products have to be sold at lower prices with high quality.

She said major difficulties are facing the nation, adding Timor-Leste is still behind many countries in terms of the quality of tourism services and tourism products.

“If we want to compete with other countries, we must prepare well to provide our tourism products with high quality and good services to attract more tourists into the country,” said Texeira.

Teixeira said therefore cultural and historical heritage are some of the unique and important assets for tourist attractions.

She said community participation in tourism development is important for preserving and promoting the local culture and tradition.

“In Timor-Leste, most of the tourism infrastructure development focused only on opening restaurants, guest houses, and apartments. Timor-Leste needs to have tour operators, travel agencies, etc,” she said.

Teixeira added to ensure the sustainability of a tourism spot, it has to have various and interesting activities: “You know, recently many of the attractive tourist spots had been constructed by the local youth. It goes viral for six to seven months and then gone. It’s because they don’t offer various products and services as they build the place for visitors to take pictures only and nothing else to be offered.”

Last year, the then US Ambassador to Timor-Leste, Kathleen Fitzpatrick informed that the Tourism For All (TFA) program of the United States is committed to assisting the Ministry of Tourism, Commerce, and Industry to implement its national tourism strategy, which has a goal of attracting 200,000 international tourists annually by 2030 to earn the country $150 million in revenues and directly employ 15,000 workers.


Journalist: Filomeno Martins 

Editor: Nelia Borges Rosario 


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