WHO calls on Moh to raise the awareness of people about covid-19 vaccination

WHO calls on Moh to raise the awareness of people about covid-19 vaccination

DILI, 21 september 2021 ( TATOLI)– The Representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Timor- Leste, Arvind Mathur calls on the Ministry of Health (MoH) and the partners to work hard in increasing the number of participants in the covid-19 vaccination process saying to avoid the vaccine from running out of expiration date.

“I appreciate the National vaccination program across the Timor- Leste, but I hope that Moh and its partners should work even harder to raise the awareness of the population to participate in the vaccination process to avoid the expiration for the drug,” Said Mathur told the media at the Novo Tourismo today.

He stated National Vaccination Campaign must be continued and people with complicated diseases must be prioritized to be vaccinated to restrain their immunity and also prevent the other disease including COViD -19: “I hope that with the work effective by the National Vaccination Campaign Program Timor – Leste, it will c 80 % of the population across the country for the country to return to new normal life,”

General Director and Vice Coordinator of Center Integrated Management of Crise (CIGC) Odete Viegas said around 360,000 doses of vaccine Astra Zenaca will expire on 31 first october.

“We have around 360,000 doses of Astra Zenaca Vaccine store in SAMES, if we do not use them, they will get expire at the end of october,” She said.

Therefore today MoH invites all of the Directors from all hospital referrals across Timor- Leste to participate in a meeting to find the solution for this issue.

“All the participant’s Directors agreed to raise the awareness of population through the covid-19 socialization campaign to increase the number of participants of covid-19 vaccination,” she said.

Odete informed, that MoH will coordinate with the religious leaders to implement the vaccine in the church after and before the mass.

“Moh and its partnership will do this strategy to raise the participation of COVID -19 vaccination in Timor- Leste to avoid the expiration date of AZ which have been donated by the government of Australia, Portugal, and Japan,”

Until today Timor-Leste recorded 668,675 adult people had been vaccinated with 56 % have been receiving their first jabs and 32,7% had fully vaccinated.


Journalist : Camilio de Sousa


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