MAP Ensures the production of local food is sufficient for public service distribution

MAP Ensures the production of local food is sufficient for public service distribution

The Director of Agriculture and Fisheries,Maria Odete do Céu Guterres (ImageTatoli/Francisco Sony)

 DILI, 06 cctober 2021, (TATOLI)- Minister of Agriculture and Fishery (MAP) ensured the food production is enough to providing food subsidies to the government staff every month.

The General -Director of Minister of Agriculture and Fishery (MAP), Maria Odete De Céu Guterres is optimistic that the local product is enough for food monthly subsidies to distribute for all government public services.

“The data shows the production of food is enough to distribute to every public service of the Government. There are 30.000 public services and it requires 1.000 tonnes of rice/month. The estimated rice production is 12.600 tonnes/year. The Agriculture General Director, Maria Odete De Céu Guterres told the journalists at her office in Comoro, this Tuesday.

In 2021, the Minister of Agriculture and Fishery recorded a total of 72.000 tones of local rice in MalianaI, Maliana II, Watulari, and other municipalities from a total of 80.000 hectares.

“Currently MAP has established nine irrigation systems in 30.000 hectares of rice fields to ensure the availability of water supply,” She said.

The irrigation systems can be contributed to the 16 tones of rice. Therefore this year the local production is added up to 40 irrigation systems.

“The challenge that we faced is climate change. The farmers are working very hard, however, the rain and flood had destroyed all irrigation systems and even damaged all crops,” Said Odete

Timorese government is provided monthly food subsidies for public services to reduce the expenses of foods equitation. 

This is one reason for the Government to scale up the local product and increasing the income for farmers.

The public service beneficiaries will receive per/month 35 kg of rice, five kg of corn, bean five kg, green bean five kg, soybean rua bean for each person in three month period.


Journalist: Natalino Costa

Editor: Julia Chatarina

Translation: José Belarmino De Sá




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