SSAC will commemorate the National Culture day in Manufahi municipality

SSAC will commemorate  the  National Culture  day in Manufahi municipality

DILI, 13 oktober 2021 (TATOLI)– The Secretary of State for Art and Culture (SSAC), Teofilo Caldas informed that the National day for Culture and Art is set up on october 14, following the Government resolution No. 30/2014 of 29 october which had decided october 14 as the National day of Culture and Art for Timor-Leste.

“National day of Culture is the day to dignify the diversity of Timor Leste ‘s cultural to sensibilize the public opinion, and the day to give the tribute to all people who sacrificed for the activities of cultural and artistic especially particularly our Martires Francisco Borja da Costa Timor-Leste’s poetry and compositor of National song of Patria Patria,” Teofilo Caldas informed the media at the SSAC ‘s office, Pantai Kelapa on Wednesday.

Caldas declares that the SSAC has committed to improve and respect the National day of Culture of Timor-Leste to prioritize the importance of culture to the state and for the National sustainable Development to strengthen the values of peace and Social cohesion of the citizens.

Caldas at the same time stated that the SSCA will maintain its priority in supporting the Construction and rehabilitation of the culture sacral house across the country to dignify the cultural values of this country.

“To dignify the Cultural ‘s values SSCA wish to inform the public that, the official celebration of National culture ‘ s day of Timor – Leste 2021, will realize through the National Festival Art and culture in Manufahi municipality in this october,”

This National culture day will involve the artists from 12 municipalities including RAEOA to offer appreciation to our culture and pears in the comparative study between practitioners and artists in Timor – Leste.

“I congratulate all of us in the commemoration of the National culture’s day, together we can develop our culture. Strong culture our nation will be more strong,” he said.

General Director of SSCA, Manuel Smith said National culture day will celebrate in Manufahi municipality with the activities of colloquium and Culture night festival and will invite 12 Traditional figures from 12 municipalities including RAEOA.

For its part, the Government of Timor-Leste spends about 50.000 USD budget to celebrate the Culture Festival for three days.

Journalist : Camilio de Sousa

Editor: Nelia Borges


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