MJ concludes the extension of the Passports of Timorese overseas

MJ concludes the extension of the Passports of Timorese overseas

DILI, 22 october 2021 (TATOLI): The National Director of Civil Identification and Criminal Registration, Victor da Costa Neto said the Ministry of Justice (MJ) through the Department of National Identification and Criminal Registration has concluded the renewal of Timorese overseas’s passports in Portugal, England, and South Korea.

“We had concluded the passport renewal in the three countries South Korea, Portugal and the United Kingdom, our team faced the technical problem regarding Virtual Private Network (VPN) but they had successfully renewed the TL passports,” Neto told TATOLI in Civil and Criminal Registry’s office Mandarin Dili today.

He reported that MJ through the National Department of Civil Identification and Criminal Registration brought the Passport System overseas with a Kit package and controlled by VPN with the central Internet server in Timor-Leste.

Therefore, when our team extended the overseas passport, they faced technical problems such as Internet speed and electricity problems which is directly affected the process of renewing the passport overseas since the passport system brought overseas was controlled by the internet server and VPN in Timor – Leste.

However, MJ appreciates the Passport renewal team overseas for actively communicating with the MJ office in Timor – Leste to overcome the technical problem that they faced overseas.

“All these technical problems are solved by communication, for example when the VPN does not work optimally they immediately contact the Timor-Leste call center to repair the internet server and also if the power of it must be turned, because all VPN systems have been set in one kit, therefore if there is a technical problem in Timor – Leste will affect the online system abroad,” he explained.

According to Neto, previously many Timorese overseas faces have expired passports and were not able to return to Timor- Leste to renew their passport due to COVID – 19.

“It responds to the situation, Timor-Leste Government through the Ministry of Justice and Foreign Affairs decided to bring the system to overseas to renew the passport that have been expired,”

The MJ team overseas has returned to Timor-Lest, after completing the process on October 5 and october 18, 2021.

Following the data report from MJ, around 250 Timorese in Portugal have renewed their passports, more than 1000 in South Korea and 400 in England.

Each person pays $100 and they are directly transferred to the Bank Central of Timor- Leste’s account.


Journalist : Camilio de Sousa

Editor: Nelia Borges


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