TL participation in Bilateral meeting with UAE focuses on Economic Diplomacy

TL participation in Bilateral meeting with UAE focuses on Economic Diplomacy

Coordinating Minister of Economic Affairs (CMoEA), Joaquim Amaral (Image Tatoli/Francisco Sony)

DILI, 22 october, 2021 (TATOLI)- The General Coordinator of Expo 2020 Dubai, Manuel Vong said, Timor-Leste had participated in the Bilateral meeting with United Arab Emirate (UAE) in Dubai  focused on Economic Diplomacy.

According to Vong, several programs have been implemented in Dubai, however few have been postponed and following the agenda will be held next month in November. 

“We have successfully signed an air service agreement with the UAE, at the same place we had also conducted the confidential meeting in Petroleum and Mineral with the Development partners on October 18 in Dubai,” Vong told the Media during the press conference at the MKAE office, Dili.

Vong said Timor-Leste has been sharing ideas with UAE in many sectors Tourism, Agriculture, Business, Petroleum, and Mineral.

According to Vong, after several meetings and activities were conducted, The leaders of the United Arab Emirate encouraged Timor-Leste to develop all the sectors, to gain revenue for the country and the people’s welfare.

Minister of State of Union Arabe Emirate Mr. Ahmad ALir Shay said Timor-Leste is a rich country however there is still less explored in the natural resources, saying, therefore, EUA is pleased to help Timor-Leste in every sector to obtain its economic sustainability and bring great future for the new generation.

According to Ahmad good governance is most vital for the country like Timor-Leste: “The development country must ensure good governance which means the country must be free from corruption, the country is required for transparent, accountability, efficient, efficacy and well managing of its natural resources. These important factors will generate huge revenue to the country,”

“The sustainability also needs to connect with three points, guarantee the social equity, promote social economy and the preservation environmental social and natural” Said Ahmad.

These are the important factors that needs to be recorded for the sake of the country and its people.


Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Nelia Borges Rosario


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