STAE actualizes the technical preparation of the 2022 presidential election to the diplomatic corps

STAE actualizes the technical preparation of the 2022 presidential election to the diplomatic corps

DILI, 29 October 2021 ( TATOLI) – The Secretariat of Administration and Technical Electoral (STAE) – held a meeting with the diplomatic corps to actualize the technical preparation of the 2022 presidential election.

“We share the information of technical preparation of the 2022 presidential election with diplomatic corps and Ambassadors who conduct their missions in Timor – Leste,” the Director-General of STAE, Acelino Manuel Branco told reporters in Kai-Koli, Dili on Thursday.

Democratic event is a universal subject that is not only paid attention by the public at the national level but also paid attention by the international level.

“Our election process in the previous year got the credibility at the national level and international levels,” said Branco.

From January to 22 October 2021, STAE has registered 885,630 voters including overseas voters in South Korea, England, and Portugal, on the STAE National’s database.

The total number of electoral votes on the national territory level is 849,094 consisting of 443.939 men and 411,691 women and 6,536 overseas consisting of 4,548 men and 1,988 women, the total of voters is 855,630.

The new electors which registered by STAE in January – October 22 consisted of 9,535 women and 10,046 men, meanwhile, there were 48 new electors overseas, consisting of 24 men and 24 women and the actualization of data reached 605 consisting of 503 men and 102 women, therefore the actual number of electors is 18,369 consisting of 10,736 men and 7,633 women.

Based on the regulation 30 days before the election starts, STAE will announce the final number of voters in the presidential election in March 2022.

“The preparations of STAE on the 2022 presidential election, about the technology and equipment, have reached 70.% and the ballot bulletin will be printed in January 2022,” said Branco.

At this meeting, the European Union (EU) already conducted an assessment to send a delegation team to observe the Presidential election which will take place in March 2022.

“The European Union provides support to STAE, especially in the area of ​​capacitation to increase the knowledge of human resources in the area of ​​electoral to publish the Acta of electoral and provide support to repair the STAE ‘s infrastructure in municipalities across the Timor – Leste.

Journalist : Natalino Costa
Editor : Florencio Miranda Ximenes
Translator: Camilio de Sousa
Editor : Nelia B\


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