Embassy of Portugal – SECOMS will continue to offer Portuguese language courses to journalists

Embassy of Portugal – SECOMS will continue to offer Portuguese language courses to journalists

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DILI, 17 november 2021 ( TATOLI) – The Portugal government through Portugal’s Embassy and the Instituto Camões da Lingua Portuguesa (ICLP) work together with the Secretary of State for Social Communication ( SECOMS) is committed to providing the training capacity in the area of the Portuguese language to the journalists.

The Ambassador of Portugal to Timor – Leste Jose Pedro Machado Viera said the Portuguese Language Course for Timor – Leste’s journalists had been implemented since 2016:” Today we held a meeting with the SECOMS to update and evaluate the journalists ‘ s participation in the Portuguese language course during this time,”

“We discussed the development of the Portuguese language course that has been taught by the ICLP, I inform SECOMS there is always the progress of the Portuguese language course for journalists since 2016 until now, therefore both parties decided to continue to offer the course for journalists in Timor – Leste until 2023,” Viera told reporters in the SECOMS ‘s Office, Palace Government, Dili today.

Viera added that through this Portuguese language course, many journalists have spoken Portuguese fluently and can write news in Portuguese.

“I always read Portuguese news which is written by the Timorese journalists every day, I am very proud because Timor-Leste ‘s journalists who attended the Portuguese language course have made the progress in writing Portuguese autographs, therefore, we hope that more journalists who are yet to join the course at the Camões to improve the skills in Portugues,” said Viera.

At the same place the SECOMS, Mericio Juvinal “Akara” said that the Portuguese language course for journalists was very important because the course helps the journalists write the news in Portuguese with effective.

“I appreciate the Portuguese language course training program because this program has been benefited more than 200 journalists. Based on the report submitted by the ICLP, around 80 % of the journalists who take the Portuguese language course had written news in Portuguese very well. ,” said Akara.

Akara added that based on the reports from the Camões ​​the journalists were not only taught the Portuguese language but were also taught Mathematics, Finance and Democracy because many journalists covered the area of phenomena social and public finance in Timor – Leste.

At the same place, Akara thanked the Government of Portugal and Camões for the support offered to the journalists.

“We hope that this cooperation will be continued in the future.”


Journalist : Camilio de Sousa

Editor: Nelia Borges


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