PNCIK-AIFAESA-SIP inspect illegal price gouging

PNCIK-AIFAESA-SIP inspect illegal price gouging

AIFAESA’s General-Inspector, Ernesto Monteiro (Image Tatoli/Francisco Sony)

DILI, 15 december 2021 (TATOLI) – Criminal Police Investigation Police (PNCIK), the Authority for Inspection of Economic, Sanitary, and Food Activities (AIFAESA), and Police Information Service (SIP) conduct a joint inspection on illegal price gouging in five importers of goods and products – Fortuna Lorosa’e Lda, Perisos Lda, Lisun Lda, HPP Lda, Mandiri Jaya.

The inspection was carried out following the complaints of the communities with the rise of prices of the basic needs and construction materials recently.

“This joint inspection aims to check the current prices of the basic needs and construction materials in capital Dili. We have gathered all of the retail prices (SRPs) for necessities and prime commodities of these five importers. Our team will analyze these prices and see if they commit the price gouging then they will be processed under the law,” AIFAESA’s General-Inspector, Ernesto Monteiro told reporters after the inspection, in Colmera, Dili, today.

He called on importers to comply with the rules and regulations to not commit any price gouging in the country, as it is defined in Timor-Leste Decree-Law No.29/2011(b) on the fair price.

At the same place, the Chief Administrative Officer, of the Fortuna Lorosa’e Lda, Inacia Dewi informed that the price of the cooking oil (Bimoli 5 liters) increased from US$6 in september to US$7.50 in december 2021.

“Indeed the prices of the basic needs go up recently, for instance, the cooking oil. We didn’t raise the prices, but it’s the suppliers who increase the prices in Indonesia,” she said.

Dewi said the prices go up due to the reduction in the production of palm oil in Indonesia: “Apart from reduction in the raw material, the costs of the containers also go up recently in Indonesia. Thus, it cost more money to transport the cooking oil and other basic needs to Timor-Leste.”

In addition, the Chief Administrative Officer of the Perisos Lda, Melianys Sanjaya informed the increase in cooking oil was due to the increase of the shipping cost and Covid-19 situation.

“Suppliers increase the prices of the basic needs in Indonesia. In addition, the shipping cost and the Covid-19 situation are also two of the main causes contributing to the rise of the prices of basic needs,” said Sanjaya.


Journalist: Filomeno Martins 

Editor: Nelia Borges Rosario


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