Trade Invest and Australia’s MDF launch Digital Export Guide to support Timorese exporters

Trade Invest and Australia’s MDF launch Digital Export Guide to support Timorese exporters

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DILI, 20 december 2021 ( TATOLI)- The Timor -Leste Government’s Investment and Export Promotion Agency, TradeInvest Timor – Leste supported by the Australian Government-funded Market Development Facility (MDF), launched the Timor – Leste Digital Export Guide to provide easy access to information for exporters.

The Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Joaquim Amaral informs that the Digital Export Guide is a tool to assist business’s export journey and encourage more exports to support Timor – Leste’s post-COVID recovery: “It outlines all the steps in the exporting process and provided detailed information on the export requirement, logistic financing and the other supporting agencies that can assist businesses looking to export. The Export Guide is now available online on the TradeInvest Timor- Leste’s Website,”

“Trade and Invest are the crucial part of Timor-Leste’s strategy for economic growth, job creation, and poverty alleviation. Adopting digital platforms such as the Digital Exporter Guide is one of the key elements to promote and facilitate trade in the country,” Amaral told reporters at Nova Turismo Hotel Lecidere, Dili today.

The second Secretary of Economic and Trade David Orr from the Australian Embassy in Timor – Leste said through a collaboration between MDF and the Timorese Government, MDF will support TradeInvest Timor – Leste to work with ministries, line agencies, and the private sector to gather information for the guide.

Orr added that businesses that already export goods, as well as those that hope to do so in the future, stand to benefit from reduced costs through having clear, accessible, and consolidated exporting regulations and requirements available in one place.

“This guide is very exciting, of provides very practical advice and support for Timorese business and exporters to access new market and customers. I am pleased with MDF’s involvement. As I finish my posting in Timor – Leste this month and return to Australia, I hope to see more Timorese products available in Australia in the future,” said Orr.

At the same place the Executive Director for TradeInvest Timor – Leste, Arcanjo da Silva expressed that Timorese business has boundless opportunities to benefit from international trade while expanding the country’s non-oil economy. This includes agriculture, marine, and fisheries exports. While Timorese coffee, the second-highest export after oil and gas, is globally recognized for its unique flavor profile, there is significant potential for other agricultural commodities such as konjac, cocoa, and coconuts.

“Trade Invest Timor – Leste hopes that the Digital Exporter Guide will serve as a tool for existing and potential exporters to become well-positioned in the international market, hence contributing to Timor – Leste ‘s long term economic growth and development,” said Silva.

The Timor – Leste Digital Export Guide was officially launched by Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Joaquim Amaral and the Second Secretary of Australian Embassy to Timor – Leste David Orr on 20 December 2021 in Hotel Nova Turismo, Lecedere, Dili.


Journalist : Camilio de Sousa

Editor: Nelia B


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