Dengue update: NPHSU records 56 new cases, a total at 344

Dengue update:  NPHSU records 56 new cases, a total at 344

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DILI, 13 january 2022 (TATOLI) – The National Public Health Service Unit of the Ministry of Health (NPHSU-MoH), Timor-Leste, yesterday reported 56 cases of Dengue fever in the third week of January 2022, bringing the total cases to 344 with five deaths recorded.

“During the first week of 2022, 288 suspected cases of dengue were reported in seven municipalities, there were 56 increases in the number of patients in the second week of January 2022, thus dengue cases continued to increase in the country and there is a possibility that the number will continue to increase in the coming weeks,” said the statement released from the Ministry of Health.

Dili municipality reported 272 of all cases last week and this week, with Manatuto municipality 20 cases, Covalima district reporting 15, Ermera recording 13 cases, Manufahi 13, Viqueque four, Ainaro three, Liquiça two and Bobonaro district reporting one case.

The municipality of Dili reported the highest number of cases of 272 in the first and second weeks of January 2022. The Ministry of Health in 2022 recorded 10 deaths compared to 2021, 11 deaths were recorded, while in the first week of January 2022 the MOH had recorded five deaths, including one in Dili and four mainly reported from Ermera district, bringing the death rate at the national level to 1.5 %.

Following the epidemiological calendar, Dili has recorded in the first week a total of 38 cases, in the second week 160 cases, and 74 cases recorded in the third week.

Furthermore, NPHSU said that there are an average of 271 dengue fever patients being admitted in eight selected hospitals across the country.

Regarding the increase in the number of dengue cases, the Ministry of Health emphasizes good preventive health practices in daily life.

The Ministry of Health urges residents to come to the nearest Health Center if they experience symptoms of dengue fever or warning signs such as Nausea, Vomiting, Rash, Aches, and pain (eye pain, usually behind the eyes, muscles, joints, or bone pain).

In addition, MoH urges local authorities to cooperate with the community to conduct neighborhood cleaning activities every week, destroying mosquito breeding sites and reducing the number of dengue cases.


Journalist: Camilo de Sousa

Editor: Nelia B



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