Dengue Update: 1.198 patients and 20 fatalities in january 2022

Dengue Update: 1.198 patients and 20 fatalities in january 2022

A workers treats a garden bed at a Dili hotel to prevent mosquito breeding (Image/Robert Baird)

DILI, 31 january 2022 (TATOLI)- The Vigilance Epidemiology, Minister of Health (MoH), currently registers a total of 1.198 dengue patients and 20 fatality in january 2022.

There are a total of 1.198 active patients and 20 of fatality. The last data showed that 809 in Dili, Ermera 77, Manatuto 77, Baucau 52, Manufahi 43, Bobonaro 25, Liquiça 21,  Aileu 16, Ainaro 14, viqueque 10 and RAEOA 2 patients. According to the Minister of Health’s note accessed by TATOLI Agency on 30 january, 2022.

The total number of patients is 20.  11 in Dili, 4 in Ermera, 1 in Viqueque, 2 in Covalima, 1 in Bobonaro, and Ainaro 1. The accumulated rate of fatality is 1,7%. Most of the fatality patients are children.

The high rate of dengue patients is recorded in Don Aleixo sub-district, since the last four weeks of january 2022. It has registered patients in some different health centers totaling 412. 162 patients in Cristo Rei and Na’in Feto 111.

Thus, National Hospital of Guide Valadares (HNGV) also has been registered 193 patients, in Fatumeta, 113, Comoro Health Center 205, 48 in Vera Cruz Health Center,  135 in Formoza Health Center, 85 in  Becora Health Center, 11 in Atauro Health Center, 8 in Metinaro Health Center and 2 patients in Motaél Health Center.

MoH appeals to all communities in Dili and other municipalities to visit the nearby health center.  If, there are any symptoms of fever, vomiting, bone pain. It is required for health staff to do the treatment service.

The Minister of Health also called on all communities to take full responsibility for cleaning activities in each living area. Especially clean the rubbish, drainage and stagnant water to destroy dengue mosquito nets.

Journalist: Nelia Fernandes

Editor: Cancio Ximenes/ Rafy Belo

Translator: José Belarmino De Sá


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