Timorese civil society calls to end war in Ukraine

Timorese civil society calls to end war in Ukraine

La'o Hamutuk

DILI, 10 march 2022 (TATOLI)—The Timorese’s civil society namely Timor-Leste’s Institute for Monitoring and Analysis of Development (TL), “La’o Hamutuk” is calling to end the war in Ukraine. The Non-government organization pretends to neighboring countries to accept the refugees from Ukraine.

According to La’o Hamutuk, the war between Russia and Ukraine has begun and many people think that this conflict is just an abstract tension, but unfortunately, two weeks ago Russia invaded Ukraine.

“La’o Hamutuk expected the war to end due to thousands of people having lost their lives and millions of people fleeing from Ukraine. Stop the War in Ukraine Neighboring countries have to accept refugees from Ukraine,” Said an official press release from La’o Hamutuk to Tatoli, this wednesday.

It caused huge destruction of infrastructure in Ukraine, and forced more than two million people to flee the country. It is more required for all neighboring countries to receive refugees from Ukraine.

 “We are deeply concerned that many civilians and innocent people will suffer more severe consequences from this illegal invasion and violent action against Ukraine,” La’o Hamutuk said.

According to the Ukrainian State Emergency Service reported on wednesday more than 2,000 people had died, but the figure has not been independently verified. Most civilians died and included children.

It would be better if the conflict must be resolved through peaceful communication. It asked other countries to respect other sovereignty.

It is recalled that almost 50 years ago, the people of Timor-Leste were invaded by Indonesia which occupied our territory for 24 years.

This illegal invasion and occupation killed nearly 200,000 Timorese, destroyed people’s wealth, and forced the inhumane treatment of many civilians. Eventually, timorese gained their independence and forced the colonizers out of the country.

Hamutuk appreciated the declaration of the Timor-Leste Permanent Mission to the United Nations during the eleventh extraordinary session of the UN General Assembly. This declaration calls on every nation to respect international law, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the sovereign integrity of every nation.

All over the world, many people are working hard to achieve peace. The United Nations is heavily invested in peace and security efforts, but in many places wars continue, and militarism and dictatorships undermine human rights and freedoms.

In Yemen, Western Sahara, Palestine, Myanmar, West Papua and elsewhere, thousands of people are dying, and human rights are routinely violated. Timor-Leste is one country that has been invaded by a much larger neighbor.

“Our scars have not healed; we don’t forget the violation of our basic rights. Therefore, La’o Hamutuk suggested to the United Nations and the powerful countries to help the Ukrainian people – while not increasing the intensity of the war”.

La’o Hamutuk demands that Russia immediately withdraw from Ukrainian territory to end the serious suffering of the civilian population, who has done nothing wrong and demands that NATO and Western powers put pressure on Russia without escalating the war, which will create a more serious impact on humanity and security.

“We also call on neighboring countries to accept refugees from Ukraine, in order to relieve their heavy suffering from this military violence.

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Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor:  Rafy Belo


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