Green School program benefits 1.635 students at Esperança da pátria third circle school

Green School program benefits 1.635 students at Esperança da pátria third circle school

The teacher and the students of Esperança da pátria school. Tatoli’s image//Egas Cristóvão

DILI, 24 march 2022 (TATOLI)- Green School program benefits 1.635 students in Esperança da pátria third ABC circle school in Becora, Dili.

Esperança da pátria third ABC circle director, João da Silva Pereira said the green school program totally brings a big change for the environment of Esperança da pátria third circle school in Becora.

“Before, the school implemented this program last 2016. It looked dried and very hot. However, after school is implementing a green school program.  The schools look great and totally bring a big change,” School esperança da Pátria third ABC circle director, João Da Silva Pereira told reporters at the SEA room, Acait, today.

He added this program gives a positive impact on 1.635 students. It helps the student feel comfortable staying indoors and outdoors.

It encourages the student to intensify the school teaching and learning process. Students feel secure and enjoy nature surrounding them.

Mr. Pereira emphasized that green schools are able to create harmony between humans and nature. Human beings are able to protect and care for nature.

Nature can ensure the quality of human life. It provides a clean and healthy atmosphere which can benefit the student’s health.

In 2016, it looked dirty and lots of rubbish. However, the green school program helps students and teachers keep organize the rubbish management and school is looking great.

There was no water accessibility, as a big challenge in promoting the green school program. School has an initiative on digging water sources. Today, Esperança da pátria school has no difficulty with water supply as it can access water at any time.

The principal key on the green school program is required on togetherness and unity. They point to ensuring the program will be well implemented.

Esperança da pátria school third circle school was implementing this program in 2016. It directly benefits 1.623 students and communities living around the school’s area.

Mr. Silva calls all school principals across the country to implement a green school program. It helps to protect the school’s environment and ensures an intensified learning and teaching program.

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Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Rafy Belo


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