CQR Foundation enrolls 21 new students for Japanese language course

CQR Foundation enrolls 21 new students for Japanese language course


DILI, 12 april 2022 (TATOLI)-The Centro Quesadhip Ruak Foundation (CQR) has restarted the Japanese language course. The enrollments are provided for 21 students for the first level which will start this year.

Japanese Language teacher at the CQR Foundation, Chihiro Niwa said that since the pandemic in 2020 CQR had experienced difficulties in the teaching process, but after the number of Covid-19 is reducing, the Japanese language courses are reactivating in 2022.

“After the second round of presidential election, the first meeting will be realized for class introduction on commencing the course,” said Chihiro Niwa exclusively to Tatoli at Casa Cidadania CQR Colmera.

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The enrollment process for the course has closed on April 8, 2022, the CQR Foundation has registered 21 students who are ready to take a six (6) month Japanese language course for level 1. In addition, CQR currently has around 35 students who are active in Japanese courses, level 1 with 21 new students, level 2 – 10 students and for level 3 less than 5 people.

The Japanese teacher also explained that, although at the beginning many students were enthusiastic to take the course, not many survived until they finished the course.

“Many people wish to attend the courses however some students do not continue the course, sometimes only 50% of the results are successful from the initial registration number, the number is not up to 50%,” he said.

CQR Foundation is beginning to reactivate the Japanese language courses in 2018 and so far has 74 graduates.

The course provides three different levels where each level takes six months. However, the cost of the course itself is only $5 per month for one person and the instructors are Japanese volunteers who want to increase the knowledge of TL young people about the Japanese language.

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Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Rafy Belo


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