EU-ADRATL-Rede Feto Association implementing VSLA to support women’s groups

EU-ADRATL-Rede Feto Association implementing VSLA to support women’s groups

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DILI, 25 april 2022 (TATOLI)– European Union (EU)- Austrian Development Cooperation in Timor-Leste (ADRATL) and the Rede Feto Organization are working side by side to empower vulnerable women through training on access to loan credit programs.

Cooperation is implemented based on an agreement between the European Union and Civil Society Organizations.

EU Ambassador Andrew Jacobs said this was intended to provide financial support for civil society organizations to empower vulnerable women.

“This project focuses on empowering women in savings and loan management. CSOs will immediately provide a ‘Village saving and Laon activity training (VSLA) ‘,” said Jacob at Rede Feto’s office, Kaikoli, this Monday.

The EU considers that women are very weak and mostly earn less than men, therefore the EU continues to provide financial support to empower vulnerable women to acquire knowledge in financial management.

“The European Union will ensure that no women are left behind and continue to help increase women’s capacity in several countries and including Timor-Leste,” said Jacob.

ADRATL Program Director, Marsaulina Pasaribu said that four groups of women had met the criteria to become beneficiaries of the VSLA training project.

“There were eight groups of women who applied for the VSLA project, but the results showed only 4 groups were eligible,” she added

Ms. Pasaribu said four vulnerable groups would start training. They consist of UFD, Feto Hadomi Família Group (FHF), Grupu foin sa’e Feto Timor-Leste (GFFTL) and Haburas Moris Foundation (HMF).

The President of the Rede Feto Association, Nina Fernandes, said the association firmly empowers women through capacity building.

“We provide financial management training so that women can manage their money and access to savings and credit. This supports them to run a business and earn an income,” said Fernandes.

She added that Rede Feto had formed 46 groups across the country to assist women through various projects.

This is the first time Rede Feto implemented a VSLA project, which started in four municipalities consisting of Dili, Baucau, Ainaru, and Bobonaru.

“The training will start next year with a four-month duration from May to August 2022. This project is a consortium between Rede Feto and ADRTL,” he said.

So far the project is funded by the European Union with a total budget of 869.565 thousand USD.


Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Nelia Borges


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