Poland and TL strengthen bilateral relations on education, health, and economy

Poland and TL strengthen bilateral relations on education, health, and economy

(Photo Tatoli/Filomeno Martins)

DILI, 23 may 2022 (TATOLI) – The President of the Republic, José Ramos Horta, and the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Indonesia and Timor-Leste, Beata Stoczynska, met today, to discuss strengthening bilateral relations between Timor-Leste and Poland on the sectors of education, health, and economy.

Ambassador Stoczynska expressed Poland’s strong commitment to strengthening bilateral ties with Timor-Leste after meeting President José Ramos Horta at the Palace of President, on monday.

“We discussed possible future cooperation between Poland and Timor-Leste in the sectors of economic, health, agriculture, and energy,” said Stoczynska. “I do hope that we can do more together in many sectors, such as vocational training and studies. We are committed to improving education in Timor-Leste.”

Ambassador Stoczynska appreciated and praised the development of the democracy of Timor-Leste, saying the presidential election was a good example.

“I have to say that Timor-Leste’s Presidential Election was a great example of a developed democracy. The whole world observed the election in Timor-Leste and we respect your development in democracy,” said Stoczynska. “We see Timor-Leste as a 20 years old democratic nation. So, I can say that it’s an adult democracy.”

The ambassador reiterated that Poland will keep supporting the democracy in Timor-Leste.

Earlier, on the occasion of the celebration of the 20 years of Poland-Timor-Leste diplomatic relations, Stoczynska revealed that the Polish government was very much interested in promoting economic cooperation between business from Poland and Timor-Leste.

Poland has been an important partner of Timor-Leste throughout, even before achieving independence. The visit by Pope John Paul II to Timor-Leste in october 1989 highlighted the plight of the Timorese people during the occupation and gave international visibility to the small country’s struggle.

Since 2013, Poland has been delivering development aid to Timor-Leste in the form of small grants, for example, the Escola Técnico Professional Santa Maria Mazzarella in Venilale, and health and vocational projects.

Before leaving back for Indonesia, Ambassador Stoczynska thanked President Horta for receiving her well in Timor-Leste.

“I am very grateful to president Jose Ramos Horta for receiving me here in Timor-Leste. I have been in Timor-Leste for more than a week now and I am so happy to meet so many people, especially the President of the Republic,” she said.


Journalist: Filomeno Martins 

Editor: Nelia Borges 


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