JICA recommends six standards to turn Dili into a secure, resilient, and attractive place

JICA recommends six standards to turn Dili into a secure, resilient, and attractive place


DILI, 31 may 2022 (TATOLI)– The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has recommended the Government’s Ministry of Public Works (MoPW) to implement six standards to turn Dili into a safe, resilient and attractive place.

The recommendation was made by Jica, following the focus of its feasibility study on infrastructure recovery in Dili, especially Comoro river.

The survey study conducted by the Jica survey team led by Jica Representative in Timor-Leste, Goto Ko, identified six steps that need to be taken to prevent damage from natural disasters.

“The recommendations include flood control, strengthening critical infrastructure, increasing hydrometeorological observations, city planning, laws and institutions, and capacity building,” J

JICA representative Goto Ko assessed six important recommendations that were included in the data collection should be implemented across the country.

Based on the results of the feasibility study, Deputy Minister of Public Works, Engineer Nicolau Lino Freitas Belo said the study results from JICA helped the government to broaden the infrastructure development, and minimize flooding that would occur in the future.

“The presentation survey reminds the Minister and Deputy Minister of Public Works about how to expand infrastructure development. The topic of the presentation is focused on analysis and pilot planning for the Comoro river, it can also refer to all rivers across the country. In the project concept, further analysis is needed on how to minimize all damage due to natural disasters  by reflecting on the six points that have been set by JICA to ensure DILI becomes a better city in the future,” said Deputy Minister of Public Works Nicolau in his remarks.

Nicolau informed the Ministry has the design of the master plan for Dili has not yet been implemented, saying it is necessary to conclude the results of the Jica before implementing the plan.

“Currently, the Ministry of Public Works has the policy to establish a National Disaster Risk Management Department under the Ministry of Public Works (GPWD), to provide support and services for any inundation that may occur in the future,” he said.

At the same time, the Minister of Public Works, Abel Pires considered the data report from Jica to be very important, adding that such a survey needed to be implemented in all territories of the country.

“Heavy rains will impact and damage all infrastructure including roads, bridges, and others, which will become the responsibility of the Ministry of Public Works. During Mr. Benjamin’s term, MoPW has analyzed all the damages which cost about $30 million this is a huge collaborative effort for the recovery process, but without maintenance and prevention efforts, every year the budget quantity for recovery project will increase, therefore the international companies are working closely with us to implement these feasibility studies and plans to provide a safe place to for our people and our country.”

At the same time, the Minister informed that the government is working with PERMATIL to conserve water in Dare to mitigate the impact of natural disasters such as floods, landslides, and erosion before they occur.

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In the presentation, the Minister of Public Works requested the compilation of all survey files from JICA, Agua de Portugal (AdP) that related to the clean water and drainage master plan in the capital Dili, including the National Authority of Water and Sanitation (ANAS. I.P. and MPW) intending to normalize water river.

At the presentation, JICA’s representative in Timor-Leste, Mr. Goto Ko, emphasized JICA’s commitment to continue to support Timor-Leste in the implementation of the feasibility study.

So far the survey was conducted by a team consisting of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in Timor-Leste led by the Japanese Representative in the TL, Goto Ko in collaboration with UNTL.


Journalist: José  Belarmino de Sa

Editor: Nelia Borges


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