HRDF provides 31 thousand USD for ANATL to open scholarships

HRDF provides 31 thousand USD for ANATL to open scholarships

DILI, 15 june 2022 (TATOLI)— The Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) has disbursed over 31,000 USD to the Administration of Airports and Air Navigation of TimorLeste (ANATL E.P.) which will be used for the second term of aviation scholarship.

FDCH Executive Director Cristovao dos Reis informed the media at Nicolau Lobato International Airport on Wednesday.

According to Cristovao, this scholarship program will be offered to six young East Timorese graduates to continue their studies at Indonesian aviation education institutions, the Aviation Polytechnic (Poltekbang) Surabaya and the Indonesian Aviation College (STPI).

“The HRDF provided the amount of more than USD 31 thousand to develop a human resource focus in the aviation sector,” FDCH Executive Director Cristóvão dos Reis said.

The Head of the ANATL Administration, José Trindade da Cruz Pinto said that his office is fully responsible for the modernization of equipment at the airport, which of course must prepare qualified and adequate human resources (Human Resources) to manage the equipment.

“We have a responsibility to provide more qualified human resources. They will work in the aviation sector at the airport,” he explained.

Pinto said the scholarship contest is a method for ANATL to prepare human resources for aviation projects that are currently being prepared by the Government not only in Dili but in other municipalities.

At the same place, Pinto said the scholarship requirements would be announced next week at the office of the highest education minister.

“Students who wish to apply must meet the criteria, I hope that many young Timorese can join this scholarship program because we need human resources for the aviation sector,” he explained.

Previously in 2019, FDCH also supported ANATL with scholarship funds for six young Timorese who were studying at the Aviation Polytechnic (Poltekbang) Surabaya Indonesia.

Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Nelia Borges




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